"The Great American Road Trip" series features art pieces colorfully depicting vintage cars and trucks “traveling” all over the United States. The inspiration behind the show is my experience as a mother of young children, feeling trapped at times, lacking the freedom to go where-ever, when-ever! I chose to feature vehicles because the car is a symbol of total freedom. You can jump in and go anywhere at a moment’s notice. The nostalgia of the antique vehicles from 1940-1970 is an important aspect of my work. The intention is to evoke a sense of “the good old days”. Conveying the idea of being young and free and perhaps of “simpler” times.

The process for creating each piece starts on the computer. I hand-draw the art using a stylus pen and a technique which I developed for drawing with repeating patterns that mimics the look of fabric. The digital painting is then printed on fabric and sandwiched with batting and cotton backing fabric in the same way a traditional quilt is made. I then “paint” all of the top with thread.

When drawing the background, I often think back to my own memories of the many trips I have taken all over the United States when I was younger. Other times I draw places I have never been but would love to visit.

Most importantly “The Great American Road Trip” series is uplifting. The pieces are brightly colored, cheerful images of places we can all relate to, or places we would love to go. Some of the images are familiar and comforting such as the old Divco milk truck with the cow and others are freeing like the Camaro on the highway overpass.