Creating is what I love.

I have always loved color. My favorite toy when I was five was a box of crayons. I often didn’t even color with them, I would just spend hours arranging them in color families.

I can't say when I became an artist because art is what I have filled my days with since I was young. I played with a few different mediums, and most recently my love is digital art and the combination of digital and fabric art.

Sometimes I have trouble sleeping because I have so many creative ideas. My mind is filled with colors, images, flowers, classic cars, food as art, and so much more! Creating art is life-giving for me and I know I will never stop!

Someone once said to me, “Art should make you think.” When I heard that I thought "No! I prefer art that makes me feel." I think way too much, and sometimes I want a break. I want to look at my wall and see art that makes me feel happy. When I look at my finished pieces I feel joyful. Having bright colors and happy images on my walls and all around me is so wonderful.

In addition to being surrounded by beautiful art, I also live with a wonderful family- a husband and two daughters, plus a rabbit, 2 cats, 2 donkeys and 1 talented pony (she plays the piano- true story!).

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