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My mediums are digital art fiber. I have created my own innovative technique. Digital art is about creating art on a computer rather than on paper or in a camera or on a wall. There are many types of digital art, some involve the manipulation of photographs by the photographer or an artist. Other digital art uses apps or filters where a photograph can be altered in an instant by the computer. (Some innovative artists create there own programming and filters.) The way I create my art is by starting from scratch (blank screen) and hand-drawing the art with a stylus pen. I use photographs as reference points for what I am drawing but the finished product does not include the reference photo. My pieces take anywhere from 7-20 hours to complete.

After the digital art is complete I often print the artwork on fabric and finish the piece in the style of a quilt. Three layers- top fabric- batting- and backing with stitching over the top. The style of stitching I do is often referred to as “thread painting”.

What is an "original" digital art piece? Painters have originals- the one piece painted on a canvas. Photographers (digital cameras) and digital artists do not have originals, we have computer files. If you are commissioning a portrait with me and wish to have a one of a kind piece of art, a single edition piece can be produced.

I created a video so you could see my artistic process. The video is captioned if you wish to view without the sound.