Poppy II


This poppy will  be on display at the Fuller Craft Museum October 3, 2015-January 17, 2016 in Brockton MA. There is an artist reception on October 18 at 2 pm. I hope to see you there!


The center of this flower is beaded heavily with garnet stones. I am always fascinated by the center of poppies, so I really wanted to emphasis the texture.



I uses many colors in the petals for fun and to convey the “wrinkled” look of poppy petals.


I photographed the individual petals of the poppy to help me make a pattern for the art quilt.



Business Card Quilts

flier for Blackbirchsm

I am very busy getting ready for my first solo art show. We hang the pieces on July 29th, which is coming so soon! I have so many fun ideas for projects for this show and beyond.

I kept thinking about designing a postcard or business card for the show and in the end I decided to do things a little bit against the usual grain.

For one thing, instead of paper postcards I am hanging a poster that encourages people to photograph it and share it on social media. Saves paper, saves landfills, and it is nearly free. I might add a QR code too, although I don’t know if anyone uses those (you know the bar codes for smart phones to read).

Below is a rough draft of the poster:flier for Blackbirchsm2

I still wanted to send people home with something special so I created mini quilts for the first 40 visitors to the artist reception. The reception is Thursday July 30 , 2015, 6:30-8:00 PM at the Black Birch Vineyard in Southampton MA. I hope you can attend!


I made these mini quilts from the scraps of many of the projects in the show. I signed my name to each and every one of them with thread (free-motion quilting).



Pink Hollyhocks


I worked for a landscaper for a few years when I was out of college for the summer. It was one of those jobs that was sometimes fantastic and sometimes miserable depending on weather in bugs!

I specifically remember on vacation home that we used to maintain the gardens for. It had every garden area I had ever dreamed of. So gorgeous. They had an old barn on the property with a bed of multicolored Hollyhocks in front of it. It was the best display of Hollyhocks I have ever seen.


The coolest part of Hollyhocks are the buds. They look like adorable bursting bubbles to the top of each stem.

I am happy with how I captured the dynamic quality of a Hollyhock from full bloom at the bottom to small buds at the top.



Available for purchase:Pink Hollyhocks


Giant Orange Poppy


My mother’s garden always had large orange poppies. I tried planting them in my own garden more than once but some little critters ate the roots each year. In order to reliably enjoy orange poppies I needed to make one!

I entered the Giant Orange Poppy in an art contest at the Agawam Library this year and it won a ribbon. The show only lasted 2 days so not many people had a chance to see the show.

To be honest I am a bit disappointed in my photography of this piece because the colors look brighter to me in person. I didn’t want to go to crazy with Photoshop, but I hope you get a chance to see it in person. (Sign-up for my mailing list to be apprised of show dates and locations.)


I took inspiration from the flower, but added various colors and value to the petals. Lately I have focused on a technique of adding bits of complimentary colors to an overall color palette. (In this case adding blue to orange).



The center of the poppy is by far the most fascinating part. I used beads and eyelash yarn to imitate the center of the original flower.


Available for purchase:Giant Orange Poppy


Nothing But Buttercups


Buttercups are toxic to horses, so they don’t eat them. When I walk out in my horse’s pasture mid-summer I see nothing but buttercups and blue sky because she has eaten most of the other plants.

20080529 (107)

I made these buttercups oversized and spilling off the canvas to convey that feeling of buttercups taking over. Each flower is very similar, to share the monotony of all buttercups, but I beaded each center in a different pattern to reward the viewer who chooses to take an extra close look. The background is also lightly water color painted to mimic the sky.



20130603 (45)

Photo: My daughter when she was 5 in the pasture with full-grown Buttercups.

Available for purchase:Nothing But Buttercups




I made this quilt after my friend Laura died in the fall of 2014. She and I had once planted pansies for her cat that had died. I wanted to replicate the idea of freshly dug earth in this piece.



I took my inspiration from real pansies, but as usual I was not completely literal.


Sometimes I take flowers apart and photograph the pieces. Then I can blow them up on the computer and print them out as a pattern.


Size: 10 inches x 10 inches (frame)





This piece represents a daffodil beginning to wake up after the long winter. The sky is gray and dreary and the soil is dark and rich. I made this small quilt in early spring. At the time I was pondering the true colors of spring. Dreaming of bright yellow daffodils and red tulips, seeing  pastel Easter decorations. But… looking outside this spring all I see are brown and rust with hints of green peeking out of the ground.

Size 9″x13″
Not available for purchase. It will be on tour with the SAQA group, MA/RI chapter.

The edges are left raw because the club will be displaying the pieces with white mat boards.


Morning Glory


Morning glories are such cool flowers. They are living folding umbrellas, opening and closing for each day. When the sun shines through them they glow in the center. Their colors blur together, which I captured in this piece by using “thread painting” to blur the line between the yellow and white, and white and blue.

The piece is obviously much larger than a real morning glory and makes a big statement in any room.





Available for purchase:
Morning Glory


Clothesline Art Quilt


I saved a box of my children’s baby clothes to preserve the memories. I couldn’t bear to cut them up for a memory quilt in a traditional way, so I came up with the clothesline idea. Below is a detail of the above quilt and below that is another smaller version that I made and included mini clothes pins and photos of my babies.


Not for sale


Giant Sunflower


Giant Sunflower is the biggest piece in my “Larger Than Life Flowers” series. It is 62 inches tall, so when hung a foot or more off the floor is towers over most peoples’ heads. I wanted it to feel big, reminding me of how sunflowers used to feel to me when I was a kid.




I took the inspiration for the background from the photo below. The idea of lots of other stems and shadows from a whole patch of sunflowers is so fun and makes me want to crawl under it and look up. I felt like a blue sky would be too cheerful and I wanted a moodier sunflower, so I made the day a bit gray.


Available for purchase:
Giant Sunflower