I am very happy to share my innovative fabric art with you. My work is based on quilting but the resulting artwork is not like the quilts you have seen before. I created my own technique for inserting wire in-between the layers of the quilt to create three-dimensional flowers.  While I sometimes use high quality commercially available cottons I often design my own textiles. I take my photographs of nature and textures and manipulate them digitally to create dynamic, brightly colored digital images. I then have those images printed on organic cotton sateen fabric by Spoonflower (I also sell some of my fabric designs on Spoonflower). Most of the pieces are stretched on a wooden frame and all of the art hangs easily on your wall just like a painting.

The fabric art that I create is happy because it is bright, colorful, often large in scale, has intricate bead work, and conveys a sense of dimension and movement. It makes me happy to create art, and I know people can feel that joy when they look at my work. I believe that having cheerful objects around us at our homes and offices can lead to happier days. 

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Love and happy art, Dawn