Nothing But Buttercups


Buttercups are toxic to horses, so they don’t eat them. When I walk out in my horse’s pasture mid-summer I see nothing but buttercups and blue sky because she has eaten most of the other plants.

20080529 (107)

I made these buttercups oversized and spilling off the canvas to convey that feeling of buttercups taking over. Each flower is very similar, to share the monotony of all buttercups, but I beaded each center in a different pattern to reward the viewer who chooses to take an extra close look. The background is also lightly water color painted to mimic the sky.



20130603 (45)

Photo: My daughter when she was 5 in the pasture with full-grown Buttercups.

Available for purchase:Nothing But Buttercups



I made this quilt after my friend Laura died in the fall of 2014. She and I had once planted pansies for her cat that had died. I wanted to replicate the idea of freshly dug earth in this piece.



I took my inspiration from real pansies, but as usual I was not completely literal.


Sometimes I take flowers apart and photograph the pieces. Then I can blow them up on the computer and print them out as a pattern.


Size: 10 inches x 10 inches (frame)
Not for Sale



This piece represents a daffodil beginning to wake up after the long winter. The sky is gray and dreary and the soil is dark and rich. I made this small quilt in early spring. At the time I was pondering the true colors of spring. Dreaming of bright yellow daffodils and red tulips, seeing  pastel Easter decorations. But… looking outside this spring all I see are brown and rust with hints of green peeking out of the ground.

Size 9″x13″
Not available for purchase. It will be on tour with the SAQA group, MA/RI chapter.

The edges are left raw because the club will be displaying the pieces with white mat boards.

Morning Glory


Morning glories are such cool flowers. They are living folding umbrellas, opening and closing for each day. When the sun shines through them they glow in the center. Their colors blur together, which I captured in this piece by using “thread painting” to blur the line between the yellow and white, and white and blue.

The piece is obviously much larger than a real morning glory and makes a big statement in any room.





Available for purchase:
Morning Glory

Clothesline Art Quilt


I saved a box of my children’s baby clothes to preserve the memories. I couldn’t bear to cut them up for a memory quilt in a traditional way, so I came up with the clothesline idea. Below is a detail of the above quilt and below that is another smaller version that I made and included mini clothes pins and photos of my babies.


Not for sale

Sunflower Blossoming



I took a photo of a sunflower in my garden beginning to bloom years ago (see below) . I love the unfurling so much I kept going back to the photo and looking at it. It is such a beautiful unveiling of the center.  As you can see it translated in a very fun way to fabric and I beaded the center with beads that shine when they catch the light.


Available for purchase:
Blossoming Sunflower

Oak Leaves

oak angle

I thought about all of the colors of fall and how sometimes the colors in the leaves are a bit unexpected as I made this piece. Later someone said to me, “Who would have thought pink would look good in that?” I know but it does, right?

I look forward to revisiting the oak leaf in a larger piece. Maybe a stormy sky and big tree branch… it will be fun to think about that for a while.oak

Size: 8 inches x 20 inches, can be hung vertically or horizontally
Price: $125

Blue Flower

Blue Flower

This is a fantasy flower. I did not base it on any flower in nature, and certainly took creative license with the center of the flower. I love the dark and light play with the color blue and I plan to  explore this design more in the future. The shape reminds me of what I would have drawn when I was 5 if someone asked me to draw a flower (the quintessential flower silhouette in my mind).bluef closeup

Size: 27 inches x 27 inches
Price: $300

Mountain Laurel

mountain laurel

I always loved playing in the woods when I was young, and we had plenty of Mountain Laurels growing in the area but I never liked picking them. They are super sticky and ants like crawling on them. I think the most beautiful aspect of the Mountain Laurel is its buds. They are darker pink than the actual flower and they are adorable and puffy and nubby. I really enjoyed finding a way to recreate those fun buds in fabric. Don’t you just want to squeeze them?


Size: 12 inches x 16 inches (frame size)
Price: $400