Will you draw a portrait of my animal friend? 

Yes, I would love to! I offer commissions for that here. All species are welcome.

How much do commissions cost?

12"x18" or 12"x12" - $165* print on metallic paper (unframed)
Add $60 for a second animal in the same drawing.

20"x20"- $425 print on metal ready to hang
20"x30"- $475 print on metal ready to hang
16”x16”- $384 fiber art quilt (one of a kind)
(other sizes available in fiber art $1.50-2.00 per square inch depending on complexity)

*Prints of your commissioned piece will be available for the public as I build my series of animal art. (Fiber art commissions will not be available to the public but will be shared for promotional purposes.)

Please contact me if you would like a quilted commission.

Do I get to choose the background?

For pet portraits, I draw the pet then experiment with a few colors seeing what I think complements the portrait best. If you have some color requests I am open-minded to your suggestions. Ultimately it is best to go with what looks nicest artistically rather than a per determined color. 

What are the steps involved in a commission?

1) Pay for the down payment on the commission page, animals here, cars here. If you have any concerns feel free to contact me first.

2) Email me (dacpublishing (at) gmail.com) a photo that you would like me to use as reference for the drawing. It is important to have a very good quality photo where I can clearly see the details of the car. You can send a few photos if you want my input. Sometimes I ask for extra photos to get a sense of color.

3) I will send you a digital proof of the drawing and you can request changes if needed.

4) After we agree that the artwork is complete I will send you a link to complete the payment and order the print.

How long will it take?

Cars take about one week to draw and animals take a couple of days. I will start commissions in the order that they come in. Sometimes I have several commissions in line so it could be weeks before yours is started. The prints take 1-2 weeks to order and arrive. Please contact me for scheduling questions. 

What if I don't like the artwork?

Before you purchase a commission it is a good idea to look at my other work. Make sure you like my style of drawing. Notice that I use a lot of colors and patterns. While I do draw accurate representations of animals and cars, those representations are highly stylized and not exact in color (I like to play with extra colors a little bit). If you love my style then I am confident that you will love your custom piece. When you receive the digital proof if you have concerns we can address them, and make small tweaks to the artwork. After you have approved the proof and ordered a print there will be no refunds.

How do you create your artwork?

I use the photo you send me as a reference, but the photo is not in the final work of art- this is not a "Photoshopped" picture. I created my own technique for designing repeating patterns and saving them. Then with a stylus pen I hand draw the image using my saved patterns as the "paint".

Which kind of print should I order?

The prints on metal are ready to hang, so you don't have to purchase a frame. The metal has a very modern look and is quite stunning. It has a flush mount frame- dark pewter edges. If you are looking for a very modern, contemporary look this is a great choice. 

The metallic paper prints have a beautiful shine and when matted and framed have a  more traditional look. The framed option that I offer is a black wooden frame with white mat and anti-glare acrylic.

Can I have a high resolution file and print my own prints, mugs, cards, etc?

No, in order for me to be a thriving artist I need to be paid for my work. If you would like special prints- such as mugs for your entire club or Christmas cards, I would be happy to give you a quote for the prints. I will charge a small markup and product creation fee.

I do not give up my copyrights on my artwork, but if you are a company interested in a licencing deal we can discuss that too.

Will you draw my house, boat, office building, or something else?

Probably. I would be happy to look at your reference photo and let you know if it is something I can do and how much it would cost.