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Original Art by Dawn Allen

Someone once said to me, “Art should make you think.” When I heard that I thought "No! I prefer art that makes me feel." I think way too much, and sometimes I want a break. I want to look at my wall and see art that makes me feel happy. 

What about you? What do you want from the art on your walls? Do you need joy and color and wonderfulness surrounding you?

Decorate your life with art that makes you happy. Is your horse or classic car your biggest joy? You can commission me to draw them!

I sell prints and originals that can fit many budgets. Please also subscribe to my newsletter (below) so you can enjoy colorful, cheerful art in your inbox about twice a month. And... if you live near Massachusetts I would love to see you at one of my exhibits.

My art is digital; photographic collages, where I take photographs, create patterns with them, then digitally collage them together to make images. All of the pieces are hand drawn using a stylus pen. The resulting art is either printed on metal (and metallic paper) or printed on fabric. My background is in quilting and I love to create large art quilts with my digital art. 

Cars with Curves

Prints of classic cars available for purchase. 


Equine Art

Prints of beautiful horses and donkeys available for purchase or commission your own.