I have a passion for equines. (I can't commit to which I love most, donkeys or horses, so I say equines.) You have a passion for equines too right? I have been horse obsessed since I was 10 years old. I plastered centerfolds of Horse Illustrated all over my bedroom walls back then! Now as an artist I can adorn my walls with portraits of my barnyard friends. I want everyone to have a personal piece of art in their home. I would love to make a connection and create a portrait of your equine for you.

Karma art commissions are very easy to arrange. Just fill out the form below. Aside from that I will need a good digital photo to use as a reference (we can work on choosing the best photo to work from). 

I work with Karma Art Pricing, the cost for a 8" x 12" print is pay what you want. There is absolutely no requirement that you spend any money after receiving your print. If you love the art I created for you, you can choose to purchase a large print on metal (20" on the shortest side or larger). The price that you paid for the Karma Art will be subtracted from the total price of the large print. You can also apply your karma art payment to a one of a kind art quilt (I print the image on fabric and stitch over top of it.) 

I want everyone to have original art in their home. I am trusting that the right mix of people with all levels of income will become my customers so that I can also earn money creating. Please feel free to bid whatever works with your budget. (Depending on my schedule I can't always accept all offers). 

If you are outside of the US please contact me and let me know where you live to see if shipping will be possible and how much it will cost.

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I retain the copyrights to all of my work. I will offer prints and other reproductions of my commissioned work for sale to the public. Prints on metal 20" or larger are limited edition (100 prints). Art quilts are limited to one original. Small prints and products will not be limited edition.

I love sharing and press, so as long as you use my name, feel free to share my work on social media and with the media. For printed publications please contact me first. You do not have permission to reproduce my work in any way. Thank you for supporting my success as an artist.