Show Canopy

Well I started my current series of classic car art, Cars with Curves, just about 8 months ago. I can't believe I have finished over 22 pieces! They each take at least 15 hours to draw (not including the time it takes to create the geometric patterns- which is a lot!) 

Now that I created all of these pieces,  it is time to hit the road and sell some art! I decided the best way to start is with a beautiful display. I spent the past month organize framed pieces, ordering the canopy and other display items and putting prints in matts. It was a huge effort. You know what else was a huge effort? Proving to myself that I could set up the canopy with NO HELP and no instructions (for some reason this company does not include any instructions-  minimal info online). So now I know... ask for help, but if everyone says "no" I am strong and I can do it!

Now I am ready for my first shows (car shows and art festivals) starting next week. Keep an eye on my events page as I add more dates. See you out there!