Black-Eyed Susan II: The Inside Scoop

Learning is hard sometimes! I am self taught on Photoshop, which means I probably know 5% of what the software can actually do. My passion and interest make up for my lack... and online tutorials help too. Lately I am so excited to be digitally designing my own fabrics. I am learning as I go. Here is a sneak peak (close-up) of a flower petal that I am working on. 

Most of the pieces with my new fabrics will debut in my exhibit in Southampton MA in August. I will continue sharing a few sneak peeks with you (my subscribers) as we get closer.

So back to Photoshop! I learned how to create an animated GIF today (yeah I know I am late to the GIF party). I have been reluctant to share work in progress photos because I feel like it doesn't look "right" until the project is complete. So, I took photos as I worked on this Black-Eyed Susan, and now I am sharing the progress and finished piece all the the same time! So here it is... Black-Eyed Susan II from start to finish.

The flower is made from my original fabric designs and the background is from commercially available fabrics.

I don't know about you, but the animated GIF makes me dizzy, so if you want to still view of the art quilt, here it is:

Have a great week, peace and happiness, Dawn